Warehouse Management System Technology

Leveraging warehouse management system technology expertise


Working Machines Corporation was formed in 1997 by a staff of experts in warehouse management system technology and material handling technology who have been in these industries since the earlier 80's.

Since conception, we have assisted clients solve their unique and complex problems in their production, manufacturing and distribution environments.

We personalize our "off the shelf" applications to support clients' business requirements so that they can implement best industry practices and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, along with providing the highest standards of customer service, all in a cost effective manner.

Our goal is to go beyond meeting expectation and transform demand in performance. The result is success through intelligent automation.

Resulting solutions

Our Swiftware product suite consists of pick to light paperless picking, order fulfillment and warehouse control systems, all of which enable our clients to achieve a high rate of return on their investment by:

In addition to continuing to expand "off the shelf" applications, Working Machines Corporation has developed several customized applications for its clients, including a warehouse management system and an integrated distribution system. In addition, our consultants have assisted clients in improving their production, manufacturing and distribution operations.


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