Material Handling Consultant, Warehouse Automation Consultants and Support Services

Providing comprehensive support services to clients

Whether acting as a material handling consultant or pick to light consultant, Working Machines professionals can assist you in the design and cost justification of your warehouse automation project. Our working partnerships with leading warehouse management system and material handling vendors reduce integration risk and overall implementation time.

Our clients have benefited from the following services:

Professional Resources to augment your staff, includes PHD analysts to design advanced logistics processes like pick to light simulation to support your complex requirements. Consultants to augment your operations staff, in terms of package evaluation, project management and implementation. Developers to augment your IT staff, in terms of interface development, software application enhancements and data conversion processes.

Proven Implementation Methodology provides you with key deliverables, such as a project plan, timeline and process flows, to assist you in change management, scheduling and resource planning. And our modularly designed approach, combined with a fast, affordable installation process, ensures quick successful results.

24/7 Customer Support because we are committed to your success.

Collaborative Enhancement Policy is one that embraces your modifications in order to improve our offering. To provide you with a higher return, we share in the costs of your enhancements and provide customized services at a minimal comparative cost.

Guaranteed Upgrade Path ensures that you receive the benefit of our continued research and development in Warehouse Management System Technology and subsequent product enhancements. We keep your system in step with industry advancements, thus protecting your investment.