Mobile Pick Systems

Combine the efficiencies of cluster picking with a put to light configuration, and you have our SwiftCART system. With it, pickers can effectively pick and pack multiple orders, as they perform a single pass through their pick zone.

How It Works

Pick instructions are initially downloaded to the smart cart system by the order fulfillment system. The smart cart system determines the number and size of the order clusters, based upon the total number of orders, cart container types and capacities.

The smart system initiates the picking process once the picker has logged on. The picker will be directed to a pick location, via the onboard RF screen or display unit. An onboard barcode scanner is employed to confirm the location and/or SKU identifier.

After the picker confirms the batch SKU quantity, each of the put location display units that require a pick quantity are lit. The picker confirms each put to container activity by pressing the acknowledgement button on the lit display unit.

Where It Fits

This mobile picking solution is best for picking small orders with a large number of slow and medium velocity SKUs, which are both physically small and similar in size and located with the same pick zone. Cluster pick rates for this mobile solution range between 100 to 300+ lines per picker per hour.

The physical structure of the smart carts or trolleys are designed to hold multiple bins, totes, boxes, or other containers. At Working Machines, the put to light cart system, SwiftCART is designed to accommodate industry standard tote and shipping box sizes, but can be easily modified to meet most company's custom requirements.

SwiftCART Mobile Pick Systems