Paperless Picking and Order Picking with SwiftPIC

With SwiftPic paperless picking and order picking software you are ensured the most innovative solution at the most competitive price.

SwiftPic is configurable to support industry-best practices for pick to light and sorting activities yet flexible enough to support your unique operating requirements.

A unique task-driven architecture paired with intelligent hardware provides greater user direction and supervisory control for maximum results.

As a result of enhancements and ongoing research and development, Working Machines Corporation delivers SwiftPic software and hardware upgrades to enhance your paperless picking system's current functionality and to keep pace with industry advancements, helping you protect your investment.

With a staff of experts who have helped shape the material handling and warehousing industry, Working Machines Corporation offers innovative pick to light solutions.

We personalize our paperless picking solutions to support your business requirements so that you can implement best industry practices and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, along with providing the highest standards of customer service, all in a cost effective manner. Our goal is to go beyond meeting expectations and transform demand into performance.





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