Pick to Light Case Studies

The following are some Pick to Light, Paperless Order Picking and Pick to Display Systems Installed by Working Machines' Clients

Duane Reade, founded in 1960, Duane Reade is the largest drug store chain in the metropolitan New York City area, offering a wide variety of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, health and beauty care items, cosmetics, greeting cards, photo supplies and photofinishing. Duane Reade’s aggressive and targeted store opening program has expanded the chain from 67 stores at the end of 1997 to 255 stores at the end of 2004. The Company recorded fiscal 2004 sales of $1.4 billion.
Duane Reade utilizes superior operating and merchandising initiatives to drive industry-leading store productivity levels. The Company relies heavily on technology to increase efficiencies, as evidenced by its computer-assisted ordering and replenishment systems as well as its distribution systems. Duane Reade selected SwiftPIC Pick-To-Light to increase throughput, reduce order cycle time and drive efficiency increases in their distribution operation. Implementing SwiftPIC will allow Duane Reade to continue on their pace as the "fastest-growing" drugstore chain in the industry and stay number one in sales per square foot.

Circuit City Stores, Inc. , a leading specialty retailer of consumer electronics, has selected SwiftPIC pick to light solution, to enhance Circuit City’s existing warehouse distribution system by increasing speed to market, productivity and order accuracy.
To meet the growing demand for consumer electronics, personal computers and entertainment software, Circuit City has integrated the latest technologies in their warehouse distribution centers in order to streamline their supply chain business processes. To improve order fulfillment efficiencies within pick lines, Circuit City chose pick to light technology.
"We were looking for a pick to light company that has innovative software combined with forward-thinking management," said Ron Cuthbertson, senior vice president of supply chain and inventory management at Circuit City. "With Working Machines, Circuit City is now poised to further streamline our distribution operations and better support future supply chain initiatives". As part of Circuit City’s supply chain initiative, SwiftPIC will be implemented in two distribution centers in 2006, with future rollout plans in 2007.
"Leading retailers like Circuit City are integrating the latest technologies in their distribution centers in order to streamline their supply chain business processes," said Bruce Hoffman, president and CEO of Working Machines. "We are very pleased that our pick to light solution is contributing to Circuit City’s continued success in meeting its growing consumer demand and retail store enhancements."

Liberty USA, a distributor to convenience stores in several states has implemented our Stamp-To-Order™ system for their order fulfillment of tobacco products. Our Stamp-To-Order™ system effectively manages the batching of orders, picking of product, affixation of tax jurisdiction stamps, routing of cartons, and the sorting of product into order consolidation locations. Engineered with our innovative Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light components, our Stamp-To-Order™ system has enabled Liberty to process twice the number of orders with 50% less labor.

LTD Commodities LLC, shops the world to bring you the best merchandise at tremendous value prices. LTD offers “one stop shopping” for home furnishings, apparel, toys and many other items. Working Machines has installed a SwiftPic™ Cart Order Picking System to reduce order fulfillment cycle time. The SwiftPic™ Cart has allowed Order Operators to manage several orders at the same time and increase accuracy through the light directing system.

Stampin' Up!, a 16 year-old, direct sales company, offering an exclusive line of decorative stamp sets and accessories for home decor, greeting cards, craft projects and scrap booking has implemented the latest "state-of-the-art" software automation from Working Machines in their new distribution center located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Products include:
  • SwiftPIC Pick-To-Light system for fast order fulfillment
  • SwiftOES Order Execution System for optimization of labor, RF directed picking/replenishment, inventory, shipping and customer service
  • SwiftWCS Warehouse Control System optimizing automation and communication within the distribution center
  • SwiftSIM Simulation tools for future forecasting of the distribution center
  • Material Flow Optimizer MFO and Carton Transportation System CTS with dynamic rerouting
  • Cubing, carton build, slotting and supervisor alerts of the distribution center
  • Quality Assurance QA with automatic weight verification, Packing, Shipping and Off-line Picking stations
  • Labor Reporting and Shipping Modules integrated to UPS Connectship manifesting system
Meyer Corporation U.S, the second largest distributor of gourmet cookware range-top cookware in the U.S., implemented SwiftPIC, pick-to-light system, at their Vallejo, California distribution center. Meyer's objective was to reduce the labor required to fulfill a variety of literature and marketing material requests for Meyer field representatives, retailers and consumers. After implementing SwiftPIC, Meyer reduced their picking labor by 200% in these areas, while maintaining their high order volume and order shipment accuracy levels. Meyer Corporation U.S. and Working Machines are evaluating other areas in which light directed solution can contribute to Meyer's continued success.
PETCO,a leading specialty retailer of premium pet food, supplies and services, has benefited from SwiftPIC's management controls and alert messaging facility, which has enabled supervisors to effectively balance labor along PETCO's high velocity picklines. PETCO workers are able to quickly identify and move to active pick faces to execute pick instructions, thanks to SwiftPIC's highly visible prismatic light displays. After a short implementation period, the off the shelf pick-to-light product, SwiftPIC, was able to process 100% of PETCO's order volume in its first week in production. We saw immediate improvements in productivity, said Bob Northcutt, Vice President of Logistics. Our goal was to make the work easier for our associates and increase productivity, accuracy and overall efficiency. SwifPIC satisfies each of those requirements.
Nature's Sunshine, a world leader in herb and health supplements, has selected Working Machines pick-to-light system, SwiftPIC, to fulfill its growing number of direct to consumer orders. Nature's Sunshine sited the SwiftOES order picking alert notification feature as an important reason behind their purchase decision. This innovative feature informs supervisors of potential problems, via Pocket PC messaging, in order to minimize any reduction in picking productivity. Nature's Sunshine's Spanish Fork, Utah distribution center will employ approximately 1,000 pick displays to increase its order throughput and accuracy.
Superba Inc., is the dominant fashion force among better neckwear manufacturers and one of the largest producers of neckwear in the world. Because of rapid growth, Superba expanded their SwiftPicPut-To-Light system for a third time. The SwiftPic ™ Put-to-Light system at Superba Neckwear includes four modules of two workstations each. The system includes the ability to rezone the modules to support different numbers of pickers, allowing the customer to manage personnel to meet production needs.
Superba strengthened their commitment to customer service by their decision to implement Working Machines' pick-to-light system, SwiftPIC, in their state-of-the art manufacturing and distribution center located in Los Angeles, California. SwiftPic will enable Superba to increase order throughput and accuracy and support their growing retail and supplier clientele.

Border Group Inc., one of the largest retailer of books, music, and video products, employs SwiftPic “put-to-store” capabilities to meet increased consumer demand for Gifts and Stationery products in their retail stores. SwiftPic put-to-light selects optimal store carton positions, distributes product for a given BGI store across multiple put modules, and generates various compliant labels.
Flextronics Flextronics is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider focused on delivering operational services to technology companies. The SwiftPic pick-to-light kitting system supports customized Bill of Materials (BOM) with SKU association and manages multiple kit assemblies in sequential picking zones.
Home and Garden Party, a popular home based party distributor of unique home décor items, implemented SwiftPic “pick-to-display” units at approximately 2,500 light displays for relatively the same price as the competitor’s “pick-to-light” units. The SwiftPic “pick-to-display” units provide greater control and direction to over 95 simultaneous H&GP pickers than the “pick-to-light” units.