Pick To Light Paperless Picking

The SwiftPic pick-to-light system is an innovative paperless picking automated solution for distribution center fulfillment. Its ability to support wave picking, pack to light, put to light, pick to display, and pick and pack functions is enhanced by SwiftOES, our companion Order Picking software.

SwiftPic is a configurable and scalable pick to light product whose application within picklines, assembly/kitting areas and order consolidation/sorting areas increases productivity, accuracy and throughput in your warehousing and distribution centers. This flexibility helps you to support your dynamic customer's logistics needs.

SwiftPic manages processes typically performed by RF devices for functional versatility, thus increasing its return on investment (ROI).

By replacing paper based picking with pick to light technology, clients can expect their picking productivity to double in the following paperless picking configurations:

As the manufacturer of SwiftPic, we can customize our pick to light software and equipment to work with supply chain clients' existing pick to light and related systems. Our unique replacement/upgrade service program offers maintenance support and upgradeability on these customized sytstems.

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