Put-To-Light and Pack-to-Light Systems

Put to light and pack to light are variations of pick to light order picking executed by SwiftPIC. Put to light commonly refers to the distribution of a product across multiple locations, where each location contains a container or tote that is associated to an order. Pack to light is more specific because it implies that the location holds the shipping container that is delivered to the customer.

Retail store distribution

The pick requirements of a single item for multiple orders are consolidated into a single pick for a pallet or few cases of that item by the client's host business system (e.g. ERP or WMS or SwiftOES). Batch picked items are directed to a consolidation/sort area, which employs a put to light system. Here item quantities are distributed across multiple positions; following the display unit "put to" instructions, thus building discrete orders in their respective put-to or pack-to locations.

To further improve retail store distribution operations, SwiftPIC put-to-light or pack-to-light is capable of selecting optimal store carton positions within a put zone; distributing product for a given store across multiple put modules, where each module consists of a number of put bays and locations; and generating various customer compliant labels.

Return goods processing

Returned goods are sorted into corresponding product location where they may be consolidated, repacked and repackaged. A Return Authorization number or the license plate number of returned goods container filled with multiple products is used to drive the container to multiple locations, each location associated to one of the products located in the container. At each location, the user is instructed to remove and place the returned good quantity of the specific product into the location.