Stamp To Order

Working Machines Corporation has applied Just-in-Time industry best practices to cigarette stamping operations. The result is Stamp to Order, our unique industry solution specifically engineered for cigarette wholesale and retail distributors, which dramatically reduces cigarette inventory and labor investment, while increasing order fulfillment and customer service levels.

Transforming Cigarette Stamping Operations

Stamp to Order offers many advantages over traditional cigarette stamping operations. First, inventory costs are greatly reduced by maintaining a “generic” inventory of un-stamped product which becomes “jurisdiction specific” only when the product is ready to ship. Second, labor costs associated with the planning, managing and replenishing of pre-stamped cigarette inventory are eliminated.

Prestamped inventory not only takes up valuable and expensive inventory space, but can lead to order shortages. Now with our Stamp to Order solution, cigarettes are stamped only for the current order demand, resulting in a significant reduction in order shortages.

Achieving New Levels of Accuracy and Productivity

Working Machines' Stamp to Order solution effectively manages the batching of orders, picking of product, affixation of tax jurisdiction stamps, routing of cartons, and the sorting of product into order consolidation locations.

By synchronizing product flow into and out of automated stamping machines, Stamp to Order maximizes the efficient utilization of these integrated machines, and the labor required to change out tax jurisdiction stamp rolls.

Stamp to Order is engineered with Working Machines Corporation's innovative light directed components, the same employed by our SwiftPic pick to light system and SwiftPut put to light system. These light directed components enable companies to achieve significant increases in productivity and accuracy in their cigarette pick lines and order consolidation areas. As an integrated system, Stamp to Order delivers maximum throughput and performance.


Stamp to Order Packing Area

Picture of cigarette rack


Stamp to Order Physical Layout

Cigarette Tax stamp system diagram