Wave Picking Software and Systems

Wave picking is the execution of a wave or group of pick tasks released to the floor at the same time by SwiftOES, our order picking fulfillment system software, or SwiftPIC, our pick to light system. Pick tasks may be grouped and sequenced such that high priority orders are picked first to expedite shipment or sequenced by pick path to maximize picking efficiency. Any required customer complaint carton shipping labels are sequenced and distributed to the one or more pick area printers.

SwiftOES wave management functions allow the user to create flexible order selection criteria to batch orders into a wave and then generate pick wave tasks. Orders can be batched together based on virtually any defined order parameter, such as customer and carrier info, ship/cancel dates, all tied together by Boolean logic. Selection criteria can be saved as a named wave template for future use.

SwiftOES generates and manages wave picking across multiple inventory picking zones, employing pick to light and portable devices, such as PDA’s and RF terminals. When inventory is located in multiple pick zones, SwiftOES can rotate pick locations or select a specific pick zone based upon order requirements. In addition, planned replenishment, improved labor balancing and discrete tracking of groups of orders are achieved. The bottom line, SwiftOES enables clients to develop a wave picking strategy that works best for their warehousing and distribution businesses.

SwiftPIC executes pick tasks generated by SwiftOES or the client’s host business system, such as an ERP or WMS application. SwiftPIC is capable of executing multiple waves in a pickline, thus balancing pick to light labor across the pick zones and improving productivity in these areas.