Warehouse Automation and Warehouse Management Systems Case Studies

The following are some Material Handling and Warehouse Automation and Control Systems Installed by Working Machines Clients

Iowa Beef Processors, acquired by Tyson, partnered with Working Machines to create a sophisticated warehouse automation system for material handling to be integrated into the IBP warehouse management systems. The solution is implemented using the SwiftWCS warehouse automation controls application that optimizes the movement of product, based upon inbound and outbound orders and the material handling equipment's processing capacities. SwiftWCS manages a number of carousels, AGV, AS/RS, palletizers and sortation equipment in ibp’s lights out, high-throughput, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution environment.
Gymboree selected Working Machines to develop and Put-to-Light module for its Dixon California distribution center. WMC's Lower Level Controls, Carton Transportation System, and Put-to-Light module all interact to optimize the flow of product throught the Put Module. Wave based store orders are set up in locations in eight lanes. SwiftPic tools are used to define the packing zones, balancing the workload between variable numbers of packers in the lanes. Working Machines' Carton Transportation System dynamically directs the diversion of the inbound cartons down the lanes so that the supply of a given product is optimized for the demand in the various lanes in real time.