Pick to Light Systems

The SwiftPic™ Pick to Light system is a paperless picking technology providing an innovative light directed picking solution for order fulfillment to increase order picking productivity and accuracy in your warehousing and distribution center.

By replacing paper based picking with pick to light technology, clients can expect their picking productivity to double in flow/shelf rack picking, mobile cart picking and assembly/kitting workstations.

Order Picking and Order Fulfillment Software

SwiftOES™, our order picking and order fulfillment system for warehouse management in distribution centers, manages order fulfillment processing and outbound carton flow across multiple order picking zones to increase outbound productivity and throughput.

Warehouse Automation

SwiftWCS™,our material handling software for automated material handling applications, allows your automated warehouse and distribution center to reach peak operating performance by uniquely pulling product through your warehouse to increase productivity and throughput. This innovative automated warehouse control system removes the inefficiencies commonly associated with under/over utilized labor, conveyors and other material handling equipment.

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