Order Fulfillment and Kitting

SwiftPic focuses on providing innovative pick-to-light, order picking and warehouse automation products and services for both small and large companies, whether your business is eCommerce, traditional retail, or a combination of each.

Our proven order fulfillment solution offers full-featured software and hardware – the same solutions delivered to Fortune 1000 clients for almost two decades.

If your company picks orders or builds kits, our SwiftPic solution can quickly be configured to support your workflow and connect with your order system, whether it’s an eCommerce storefront such as Magento, Shopify, and many others, also including your store on Amazon, Ebay, or Etsy; a traditional WMS, Quickbooks, Netsuite, Dynamics, or a custom solution. SwiftPic’s extensive configurability makes it easy and economical to take your operation to greater levels of capacity and accuracy.

Our SwiftPic product suite provides extensive workflow choices, integrated with illuminated interactive displays and wireless barcode scanners to enable our clients to achieve a high rate of return on their investment by:

  • Delivering innovative, performance-based systems with high value ROI
  • Offering customized software to meet clients’ unique needs for a minimal comparative cost, following our Collaborative Enhancement policy
  • Protecting clients’ investments with an upgrade program that keeps pace with industry advancements

In addition to continuing to expand “off the shelf” applications, SwiftPic has developed several customized applications for our clients, including a warehouse management system and an integrated distribution system. In addition, our consultants have assisted clients in improving their production, manufacturing and distribution operations.

Order Picking and Order Fulfillment Software

SwiftPic software manages picking activities across multiple picking areas and picking technologies: including RF (radio frequency), Voice, Pocket PC, Mobile Cart, Rack and Conveyor.

SwiftPic offers the following order picking features:

  • Multiple levels of order, product and location verification during the pick process to ensure accuracy
  • Pick and pack multiple orders with one pass through the work zone
  • Forecast estimated times of completion for pick tasks
  • Balance staffing levels in the various picking areas
  • Provide real time monitoring of order picking progress, from the wave level down to the task level, via browser interface