Pick-to-Light FAQ

Answers to some common Pick-to-Light questions

Q. What is Pick-to-Light?
A. It’s an automated technology that uses light displays to indicate item locations and numbers of items required to fulfill an order. Operators acknowledge completion by pressing a button.

Q. What about packing?
A. SwiftPic has the ability to handle all packing operations as well as use your existing shipping processes. It can generate any necessary labels, packing slips, manifest and shipping labels.

Q. What kind of reports can I generate?
A. SwiftPic can produce a wide variety of reports, from picker productivity and exception handling to inventory and Quality Assurance information.

Q. Can SwiftPic handle both fast and slow moving items?
A. High velocity items are enabled with pick-to-light electronics and wireless picking carts. Slower moving items, as well as full cases, would typically be picked with RF (radio frequency) handheld devices. In both cases labor rates can be reduced up to 50%.

Q. How can SwiftPic help reduce fraud?
A. The automated nature of picking combined with tracking software reduces fraud.

Q. How does SwiftPic work with receiving?
A. Our put-to-light technology and software works with your receiving station to accurately and efficiently store items for easy tracking and retrieval.

Q. How can SwiftPic help me mitigate inventory shrinkage and returns?
A. With vastly improved accuracy, both inventory shrinkage and returns are reduced. Aside from saving the costs of lost inventory when incorrect items are shipped to a customer, the costs of incorrect shipments creates extra picking, shipping cartons, shipping charges (often to and from the customer), recondition returned inventory to resale condition, and replacement to inventory. The biggest cost may be harder to measure; incorrect shipments can cause high levels of customer dissatisfaction and even permanent loss of customers. No matter how it’s measured, the cost picking errors undetected prior to shipping is high; in many facilities the cost of picking errors exceeds the cost of picking labor. With SwiftPic’s proven high accuracy, picking errors are practically eliminated.